Free Fire Zone

When fire accident happens, you need a prompt and efficient expert’s help to handle the situation, prevent further damage and save what you can save. As a licensed, experienced and reputable restoration service, we are here to provide you with the best first aid in those kinds of situations.


The first 48 hours after the fire accident has happened are crucial to prevent further damage caused by soot or even water accident. Our company handles all the steps of the fire restoration process offering all the services you might need.

Inspection and handling your inventory

After determining the extent of the damage, our technicians pack your stuff carefully, document it precisely and make sure they all get dry-cleaned. Fragile items are packed with special techniques, and some things might even be cleaned on-site.

Restoration of the inventory

There are special methods to restore even your property, including furniture, clothes, shoes, electronics and much more using ozone deodorization and other techniques. After handling the construction and big surfaces in your premises, our company offers these services as well.

Techniques of fire and smoke damage restoration

After packing your inventory, vacuuming, dry cleaning and wet brushing big surfaces, such as floors, walls, carpets, windows and similar, our team members apply various special equipment to neutralize odor, manage deep structural cleaning, remove chemical pollutants and eliminate the smallest particles of soot.

Five proofs our company is your best choice!

Available 24/7

Keeping in mind that the fire tragedies may occur anytime, we have responsive emergency service and teams of technicians ready to
show up as a help whenever you call.

Certified for fire and water disasters

All of our employees are certified technicians trained and licensed to handle services of inspection, cleaning, and restoration after fire and water damages.

Powerful equipment and proven methods

Aside dry cleaning and washing floors, walls, and big surfaces, our technicians provide superb specialized equipment capable of deep structural cleaning and restoration of your furniture, carpets, clothes and other delicate items.

Continuous improvement

All of our technicians undergo various courses, training and educational sessions to constantly improve their knowledge and skills and to remain updated with the latest trends in this industry.

Competitive prices

Although we offer the best service and top results, our prices are aligned with the prices of our competition. We use industry standard prices and try to be affordable to most of the clients.


It’s hard not to be depressed and worried when some of your most valuable belongings disappear in the fire. These guys offered us a helping hand and a highly professional service softening the effect of the disaster and decreasing overall damage with their restoration services.​

Celeste Hernandez

I was amazed at the percent of the fire damage these technicians managed to restore. The equipment they used eliminated even the smoke odor from our house and the total cost was significantly reduced.​

William Fisher

​When the firing stroke our family home two months ago, I was expecting to pay a huge amount of money to restore the damage and buy the whole new inventory. Investing into this experts’ service saved many of our belongings saving our money and beloved items equally.

Gerald Budde

​Highly professional, kind, careful and discerning approach of these technicians was of great help during those pretty tough days. Aside from calming and controlling the atmosphere, these guys managed to restore many of our house items and to decrease the overall damage. I truly recommend their service.

Edward Mazzarella


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