About Us

When fire accident happens, you need a prompt and efficient expert’s help to handle the situation, prevent further damage and save what you can save. As a licensed, experienced and reputable restoration service, we are here to provide you with the best first aid in those kinds of situations.

Keeping in mind that these sorts of disasters happened suddenly and that the first 48 hours are crucial for intervening, we provide emergency service available 24/7 on call. Once our team gathers at your place, they will provide experts’ inspection, documenting and estimation of the damage and scope of the required intervention. The next phases come down to the large scale of methods, powerful equipment and skilled approaches designed to restore the most of your inventory. We offer specialized packing of your stuff, dry cleaning of many items, full deep cleaning of furniture and other house items, cleaning of floors and walls and finally, we can even neutralize the smoke odor and soot particles.